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The Frisbee Shop sells Australia’s largest selection of flying discs for Disc Golf, Ultimate, and many other Frisbee sports, as well as recreational Frisbees and discs for man’s best friend.

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Disc Golf Beginner Starter Pack

$45.00 AUD

The Innova Disc Golf Set contains everything you need to play disc golf today!  The pack includes 3 discs: a Leopard driver, a midrange disc (model varies), and the popular...

Discraft Archer - Titanium Plastic

$25.00 AUD

The popular Discraft Stratus has long been considered a "magic" disc for its incredible versatility. The problem is that Stratus can't be produced in durable, premium plastics. So we set out to...

Dynamic Discs Warden - Classic Blend Plastic

$18.00 AUD

The Warden takes everything players love about the Judge and removes the bead to provide additional comfort in the hand. This putter has a very straight flight path and can...

Innova Star Foxbat

$21.00 AUD

The Foxbat is a neutral midrange disc that holds a line with minimal fade. For less experienced players, the Foxbat is easy to throw straight. Veterans will find the Foxbat...

Small Disc Golf Bag Lightning 12 disc

$35.00 AUD


The Lightning Small disc golf bag features a zipper-enclosed main compartment with a single nylon divider and capacity for 10 golf discs. This great little bag also has a dual...


$80.00 AUD

Having taken the USA by storm and now spreading across Europe and Australia, KanJam is a seriously great frisbee game for 4 players. KanJam can be played anywhere, anytime –...


$80.00 AUD

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