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Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light-Up 185g Beach and Catch Sports Frisbee Disc

$45.00 AUD

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You know what's sucky about a regular frisbee, you cant throw them at night time!!!!!! You know what is fun? Using the Multi-Color LED Flashflight to cast a sick multi colour glowing UFO flying through the air every night. If you fancy a specific colour then choose from our red green or blue! 

The Nite Ize Flashflight light-up Frisbee lets you play well past sunset! The Flashflight is illuminated by LEDs and nine fiber-optic strands that push the light to the rim of the disc. Flashflights are powered by replaceable batteries and built to last.

Created by an Ultimate freak and his brainy friend, the Flashflight flies long and straight, just like a regular Ultimate disc. Spread laughter, joy and light with Flashflight!

Disc-O disc cycles through a range of colours Red, Green, Blue, Purple