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Dosh Board Golf Board Game

$44.99 AUD $59.99 AUD

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The Original Dosh Board Golf is a golf strategy board game. A mathematical model coupled with a professional course design creates an experience that rivals the real thing. The winning player will be the one whom manages risk v.s. reward and the conditions in the most favorable way.

Dosh Board Golf incorporates a deck of different club cards, water, trees, hills, and changing wind. The game is different every time – there are 60 different wind settings and 32 different clubs. Four 12-sided dice establish the strategic variability expected with ace runs, doinked putts, roll-aways, out-of-bounds, elevation change, lost clubs, and difficult lies. You will feel the joy of an excellent shot and the defeat of a poor decision. Dosh Board Golf is all the strategy of golf on your table!