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Westside Discs

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  • Westside Harp - BT Hard Plastic

    $18.00 AUD

    The Harp is a reliable approach disc designed to withstand any type of conditions. For professional players this could be the only approach disc they will need to carry as...

    Westside Queen - VIP Plastic

    $23.00 AUD

    This Queen is just as fast as its counterpart, the King, but has a noticeably smaller feel in the hand. Great as a bomber or for stand still precision. The...

    Westside Swan 2 - BT Hard Plastic

    $18.00 AUD

    The Swan 2 has the exact same feel as the original Swan with a better flight. The Swan 2 holds the line a little better and can be used in...

    Westside Swan 2 - BT Soft Plastic

    $18.00 AUD