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Now we’ve seen a lot of uses for sports, how different frisbees can affect each game in different ways. But recreational use of those frisbees allows you to simply throw the disc differently. If you’re looking for a disc for long distances, the ring disc is made specifically to stably pass from one person to another. Looking to throw to at people? Dodgebee disc. Waterpark fun? Floating disc.

Superhero Dog Disc

$24.99 AUD

Supersonic Dog Disc

$22.00 AUD

Innova Big Kahuna

$22.00 AUD


$20.00 AUD

Aviator - Marvel Captain America

$29.99 AUD

UV & Glow Discraft Ultra-Star Combo Pack

$46.00 AUD $50.00 AUD

Aerobie Squidgie

$19.00 AUD

Aussie Discraft Ultra-Star Two Pack

$50.00 AUD $59.98 AUD

Dodgebee 235

$22.00 AUD