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  • DGWT LE Crystal VRoc3 - Champion Plastic

    $299.99 AUD

    The Crystal VRoc3 was first sold on eBay. It was Released by Jussi Meresmaa and his team at the Discmania Store in collaboration with Dave Dunipace and Innova Discs! There...

    Discraft Buzzz - Big Z Plastic

    $25.00 AUD

    The Buzzz is Discraft's best selling golf disc. It is an ultra-dependable, straight flying midrange that you'll reach for again and again. Throw it hard and the versatile Buzz will...

    Discraft Buzzz OS - Big Z Plastic

    $25.00 AUD

    When you're facing a headwind, need a straight shot with a hard finish, or want to use a forehand throw, the Buzzz OS delivers. Plus it's beadless - it feels...

    Discraft Buzzz SS - Z Plastic

    $25.00 AUD

    The Buzzz SS flies like a well-seasoned Buzzz right out of the box. Use it to hit pinpoint gaps, and take advantage of its nice glide for super smooth, buttery...

    Discraft Comet - Big Z Plastic

    $25.00 AUD

    If you own only one disc, this is it. The legendary Comet is a super accurate, straight flying approach disc. The venerable Comet is like a favorite pair of old...

    Paul McBeth LE Prototype Roc3 - Champion Plastic

    $329.99 AUD

     For those of you that don't know... The Roc3 was more or less created for Paul McBeth himself. These were sold at the first USDGC after his first world championship!...