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Dynamic Discs

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  • Dynamic Discs Captain - Fuzion Plastic

    $26.00 AUD

    The Captain is a great introduction to distance drivers for newer players and a predictable understable disc for more experienced players. With surprising speed and controllable turn, the Captain can...

    Dynamic Discs Deputy - Classic Blend Plastic

    $18.00 AUD

    If your short game needs some assistance, look no further than the Deputy. Boasting the most understable flight of any Dynamic Discs putter, the Deputy allows for easy turnover flights...

    Dynamic Discs Getaway - Lucid Plastic

    $23.00 AUD

    Do you love the Escape but need more stability? Look no further than the Getaway. While it shares the feel and glide of an Escape, the Getaway boasts a more...

    Dynamic Discs Judge - Classic Plastic

    $18.00 AUD

    The Judge is your go to putter in all conditions and is an incredibly versatile disc for players of any skill level. The Judge is a great putter for use...

    Marvel Dynamic Discs - Warden

    $39.99 AUD

    The Marvel Universe is crashing into the real world with these officially licensed disc golf disc available from Dynamic Discs. You can count on the Warden to be a straight...