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Distance Drivers

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  • DDx Swirly S-Line 2017 Aussie Open Thylacen

    $50.00 AUD


    The second release of the 2017 Aussie Open fundraiser series promoting indigenous Australian animals features the majestic Mahogany Glider on a limited release swirly S-Line DDx! The DDx is designed to...

    Discmania TDx - S-Line Plastic

    $22.00 AUD

    The TDx is an incredibly versatile disc in the fact that it offers easy, controllable distance while handling quite a bit of snap and power at the same time. Discmania...

    Discraft Crank Mini - Big Z Plastic

    $25.00 AUD

    The Crank hits the sweet spot: and the Mini version is good for fun!

    Dynamic Discs Captain - Fuzion Plastic

    $26.00 AUD

    The Captain is a great introduction to distance drivers for newer players and a predictable understable disc for more experienced players. With surprising speed and controllable turn, the Captain can...
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    With more high speed turn than any other Innova driver, the Mamba was designed to give maximum distance with minimal effort. For those with less driving speed, it will add...

    Innova Roadrunner - Star Plastic

    $23.00 AUD

    The Roadrunner is a long-range distance driver with lots of glide. Less powerful throwers can use this disc for long, straight shots or low tunnel shots, while power throwers can...
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    Innova Shryke - Champion Plastic

    Sold Out

    The Shryke is an easy to throw, very long range driver for a wide variety of players. A mild high speed turn puts the Shryke in glide mode, which along...
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    Innova Shryke - Star Plastic

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