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  • Discmania DDx - C-Line Plastic

    $22.00 AUD

    The DDx is designed to be the go-to distance driver for advanced and pro players. Those with a lot of arm speed can shape just about any line with this...

    Discmania PD2 - C-Line Plastic

    $22.00 AUD

    Let’s face it – the PD2 is not meant for everyone. Picture Innova’s XCaliber with a bit more speed and stability. Designed for the strong-armed pro, the 'Chaos' is very...

    Dynamic Discs Sheriff - Biofuzion Plastic

    $23.00 AUD

    Introducing the Sheriff by Dynamic Discs. Long anhyzers, flex shots, pure hyzers; the Sheriff will arrive just in time to protect you from the onslaught of bogeys sure to come...

    Dynamic Discs Truth - Biofuzion Plastic

    $23.00 AUD

    The Truth is a straight flying midrange that is very comfortable in the hand and easy for players of all skill levels to throw. You can put any line on...

    Dynamic Discs Warden - Classic Blend Plastic

    $18.00 AUD